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About 'Move in'

‘Move In’ is the exciting new media which focuses on Realtors’ properties and interesting news. ‘Move In’ allows the best of a local area and community to be promoted - a tool to support local business whilst promoting property in the area.

A free bi-annual publication which allows Realtors to promote their properties and in turn show property owners what they're capable of. With focus on showing buyers what it is like to live in a specific area, and how amazing it is to live in that area!

With more than a million prints scheduled for the next 12 months - the area of distribution will be vast - making it as easy as possible for people to pick up! Available also is an online version for those modern readers amongst us.

Are you looking to ‘Move In’ to a new area? Feeling overwhelmed? Look no further… ‘Move In’ will be your property guide and give you an insight into the area - where to eat - where to shop - and which local events to be seen at!

I want to read it!

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‘Move In’ is a trade name of Secrha LLC and Property Services Worldwide.

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